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WhatsApp Payments

If you have an android phone then you are the lucky guy to enjoy all the facilities that Whatsapp Payment that is something extra than the normal messaging system. It is an advantage for the WhatsApp users to use text messaging in significantly less price. This online app of massaging is very popular in the market just not for its accessibility in the world of messaging, but it has much more to attract you. Video calling voice calling or chatting are some of the features that we get from this extraordinary app. But hold your breath once again as you are going to enjoy another wonder from WhatsApp that is online money transferring through WhatsApp.

To use Payments, you must use a phone number with the country code for India and have a bank account with a bank that supports UPI. The phone number you use for our services must be the same phone number linked to your bank account used for Payments.

WhatsApp Payments Terms And Conditions

Users of this app are allowed to transfer their money using this app. The much-rumored app was continuing its preparation to provide this service through peer-to-peer payments structure. This payment procedure is going to be famous as WhatsApp Payments that are already WhatsApp is now allowing users to transfer money through its app. The messenger app has long been rumored to be working on a peer-to-peer payments system, and it now appears to be ready for rollout. Screenshots of the system, which appears to be called WhatsApp Payments, have been sending online to some customers on iOS and Android. But the benefit will be accessible for all shortly with UPI or unified payments interface.

It is very important to know for you that a big number of banks are accumulated to provide this service to WhatsApp.Beta-tests are carried out for this Payments attribution for Android edition. Now you will be quite happy when transferring your money to the other.

What will be the procedure to make active WhatsApp Payments to your phone for money transferring?

  • First Go to Payments tab in WhatsApp and after that come to the Settings.
  • Now, at this stage, you have to add your chosen bank account.
  • Tap now to add your new Bank account.
  • WhatsApp will give you the instructions to t accept its terms and conditions.
  • After you have accepted it, you will be instructed to verify your given number.

whatsapp payments

UPI starts working by examining that mobile number with which your account is linked. So you have to make sure it that your phone still contains the SIM for the same mobile number. This mobile number must be the same for your WhatsApp account as well.

How to send money?

To send your money to anybody you have to make it sure that the feature of Payments is activated to the receiver’s WhatsApp account. The person should enter his/her bank account .now you are suggested to start your chatting to tap the attachment button to see your Payments. You have to follow all the steps to send money. You should not be worried about the fact that whether the other party receiving this money has activated the WhatsApp Payments or not because WhatsApp will send you the notification if needed.

WhatsApp UPI payment drawbacks:

  • You are unable to buy Products you cannot Transfer your money to e-wallets
  • You can’t send your money to all who use WhatsApp
  • You cannot send money to the group of older what app version

Payments through WhatsApp will appear in settings. With the assistance of India’s UPI WhatsApp is aligned with ICICI Bank for facilitating these UPI payments. Only the thing the users have to do is to be agreed with the terms and conditions to confirm their contact number again via SMS for activation of UPI payment. Most of the popular Banks are supported by this UPI payment. Of them, ICICI, HDFC, SBI Axis, Allahabad Bank, Yes Bank, Punjab National Bank comes first



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