Top Instagram Updates You Need to Know in 2018

This year, in 2018, Instagram has announced lot many updates that you may find exciting. These features are especially designed to help you organise your feed and keep track of your favorite posts. It is also introducing new ways to market and grow your brand using the new features of Instagram.


No more screenshots or screen recordings

Instagram has started a new feature that notifies you if anyone takes screenshots or records your stories. If you want to know who took the screenshot of your story, go to the Stories section of the Instagram and you will see a star (*) mark next to the profile of the person who has taken the screenshot. They will also give a warning to the person who took the screenshot and the warning reads “Next time you take a screenshot or screen recording, the person who posted the story will be able to see it”. But then there is a way to bypass this feature. If you take a screenshot in the Aeroplane mode, you can bypass it.

‘You’re All Caught Up’ feature

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish if you have already seen the post or it is a new one and you keep scrolling the feeds. Now, It will let you know once you have scrolled through everything, the feature is called “You’re All Caught Up”. The notification that users read is “You’re All Caught Up – You’ve seen all new post from the past 48 hours.”

Mute button

Instagram has recently introduced a Mute button. Sometimes you get annoyed with the repeated and unwanted information of someone on your feed and want to unfollow the person. But you cannot do that because you want to maintain your relationship or friendship with the person. It has provided a best solution to this problem, now you can simply mute the notification of that person and enjoy scrolling through your feeds without getting annoyed.

Previously you could mute Stories by pressing and holding them and then tapping the mute option, but muting entire profiles and posts gives a new solace.

Video Chat on Instagram

Instagram has recently added an exciting and interesting video chat feature. Now you can do a video chat with your connections using the Instagram app. This feature is very interesting because while you are on a video chat with friends, you can simultaneously scroll your news feed. The best thing is you can chat with multiple people at a time using Instagram.

Data download tool

If you are thinking to sign out from Instagram permanently, here is a good news for you.  Now you can download all your pictures, videos and profile stories, archived information, etc. It takes few days to make all your download ready but then you can take away your memories with you. This feature is currently available only via web browser but soon it will be available via app as well.

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Looks like Instagram is preparing to offer an amazing experience. So stay tuned, there are many more features to come and blow your mind.

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