How to start a blog in 2018 – that’s 20X faster

How to start a blog in 2018 – that’s 20X faster

Do you think you have it in you? A creative mind that is eager to arrive through blogs and yet lack confidence on how to set the ball rolling. You have arrived at the right page. I will tell you how you can plan setting up your blog with minimal technical expertise, no additional software and still be successful in garnering huge traffic.

In an age of phone camera, where everyone is a seasoned photographer, you tube videos are more than common and blogging as you might think have taken a back-seat. However, the recent survey reports suggest otherwise. Blogging is an effective medium to communicate and showcase your thoughts and ideas to the world at large.

Before kick-starting our discussion on new age techniques, let’s go ahead with some fact check. Do all blogs meant to be successful?

The answer quite disappointingly is a big no. You can be one with an overwhelming writing potential and yet be a failure with blogs. It all depends on the strategy how you promote your blogs and of course the content.

How does blog help

  • Communicate with the audience and engage with them; you can share with them your thoughts on everything under the sun.
  • You can have a target audience and start promoting your product and service; seize the opportunity to market your products and service through blogging instead of going the traditional way of advertisement in media.
  • Enjoying a lifestyle you desired by earning money through your blogs provided your blogs are able to generate traffic and advertisers are seriously interested in your blogs.

Where blogging fails

  • A compelling content with wrong target audience are bound to fail. You have to set your goal right before jumping in to the bandwagon of writing blogs. There is just too many of them out there. To stand out in the crowd, you have got to be different.
  • Blogs related to certain industries like manufacturing, chemical industries might not generate good traffic and the blogger should be extra careful on the selection of the topic.

On the other hand, blogs containing topics that caters to millions of customers across the world has a chance to succeed more than others. My personal experience suggests you do not have to look back if you go ahead with lifestyle related topics. People throughout the world are eager to find a platform where they can exchange thoughts on their lifestyle.

The traditional method of starting a blog comprises

  • Choosing a domain name and a hosting option
  • Selecting a blogging perform and more often than not people install wordpress
  • Customize and design your page and set up the theme you want to put up
  • Install and select the caching plugins as well as backup plugins
  • Depending on your strategy you can install additional plug-ins

All these seems to be a little over the top for a technologically challenged person like me. Unless you are quite familiar with the technical part of it, you would seriously need some time to get a hang of it.  Once you are there, it can be a smooth sail.

But wait!! Didn’t I tell you I will share the secret of publishing blogs that are 20X faster!! Here we go.

  • Make sure your blogs are engaging and target the right audience. Blogs on spirituality, natural healing, lifestyle, fashion, food are a big draw.
  • A blog that relates to each of the target audience are set to get good traffic. For example, a blog on skin and hair care along with their problems and treatment is appealing to every woman out there irrespective of age and socio-economic status. Similarly a blog on how to reduce belly through running is sure to generate huge traffic.
  • Engage with your audience and help them learn through your blog. Lot of people is eager to read blogs instead of scrolling through them in order to learn about new products and ways to deal with certain issues. Understand the pulse of the general public before taking the plunge.
  • Share your personal experiences as much as you can and spin a compelling blog.
  • Find out the popular blogs on the internet to understand the public pulse.

Equipped with my secrets of creating a successful blog, you are quite there. So go ahead and get cracking!



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