The Five Means of a Digital Marketer

Keeping up with the explosive development of digital marketing is a constant footrace, and to stay ahead of the game you need to become intimate with all the means available to modern marketers.

Get cozy with SMM, Display, Search, Site and digital CRM

  1. SMM

The fact that social media is virtually taking over the world as we know it opens quite a few doors for the digital marketer. Having your target audience interacting and contributing with user-generated content on some sort of social media platform allows access to a goldmine of possibilities.

PROS: Wouldn’t you be more likely to believe a friend rather than a company telling you a new product is a total must-have? Social influencers positively boost customers’ trust and attitude toward your brand.

CONS: Predicting the effects of SMM is not as straightforward as one would hope. There isn’t a high level of security when using SMM – and going viral the wrong way can have devastating effects!

  1. Display

In a nutshell, Display is visual digital advertising, comprised of panorama and video ads, Rich Media, mobile advertisement and simple banners on the internet.

PROS: Display boasts a spread wider than even that of a lawn sprinkler. It is great for reaching out and getting through to a large market, but it also allows for good digital interaction with the customers.

CONS: Display has its fair share of conspiring enemies – banner blindness and ad blockers being two of the worst offenders.

  1. Search

Earned Search (SEO) and bought Search (SEM) make up the entirety of Search engine marketing. When used in close cooperation with Site, Search usually offers valuable advantages.

PROS: Search’s greatest skill is snatching customers who are already deep into the buying process and are just waiting to seal the deal.

CONS: Succeeding with SEO is not exactly a walk in the park, and SEM might poke quite a few holes in your budget.

  1. Site

Exactly as its name might have you believe, Site involves everything from an ordinary website to e-/m-commerce, digital landing pages and campaign pages.

PROS: The pros are many – a Site often acts as the beating heart of your digital ecosystem.

CONS: It’s becoming increasingly difficult to drive traffic to a brand-centric website. These days, people aren’t too excited about straying into unknown online territory and they tend to stick where they are.

  1. CRM

Last but most definitely not least is digital Customer Relationship Management, communications sent directly to customers in the form of newsletters, alerts, SMS Push Notifications, among others.

PROS: Being able to custom-make communications is a marketer’s dream come true. The sophisticated level of personalization digital CRM allows you to become a real digital sharpshooter.

CONS: Unfortunately, you need approval before you can enrich customers’ lives with mind-blowing content. While sprinkling cheap, generic content might get you marked as a lousy spammer, tailoring content may take a toll on the budget.

The outcome?

These five means will be the bread and butter of your digital marketing endeavors.

The challenge is figuring out which are the most important for you. Digital strategy is all about choosing the means that best match your goals.

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