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Real estate leads can be generated through different sources, through social media, website etc. For sustenance and growth of the business, it is essential to get leads. Marketing efforts both online and offline are directed towards lead generation. With the marketing environment getting more and more complex, it can be confusing for a Realtor to know where and how to generate leads that convert.

Generate Real Estate Leads online

Dozens of platforms to post listings on, dozens more to track for buyer posts: indeed, getting real estate leads online can be back-breaking work! And to help you with that, here’s a detailed list of all the sources you need to keep your eyes on:

Property Sites

These sites connect the buy and sell sides of the property market. As buyers can search properties for free, these sites earn revenue by selling advertising packages to builders, brokers, and independent property owners.

These packages can offer any of the following: basic listing, premium listings with top slots in search results, display ads, on-site branding through featured sections for properties/builders/brokers, etc. The top property sites in India include:-


These property sites also post highly useful home-buying information such as news, buying guides, price trends, etc. As such, they enjoy not only a high volume of traffic but also credibility with the buyers.

Other growing real estate portals include, PropertyBazaar, PropTiger and niche websites like Creindia (for commercial property listings), Nestoria (a real estate aggregator to connect agents with buyers; the listing is free but they are charged on a pay-per-lead basis) and NRIHomes (only for NRIs).

Free Classified Sites

These sites allow buyers and sellers of products across multiple categories (real estate, electronics, home appliances, etc.) to post their requirements as ads for free.

Here are the top free classified sites in the country

  • OLX
  • Quikrhomes

The above are the two largest players in the free classifieds market in India, with the third (Sulekha), being far behind at rank 203. Smaller sites include Locanto,, Clickindia, Craigslist, Vivasteet, Trovit, and Mitula. As these are free sources of leads, real estate professionals must definitely post on such sites and monitor them for matching customer ads.

Local Search Engines

These sites allow you to list your business (as opposed to products) and function as online directories. While you can list your business for free, they have premium packages to help you get higher visibility. These packages vary based on the industry, competition, and city.

JustDial is the largest local search engine in the country, with an India-wide website ranking of 58. It allows you to list your business for free and also offers multiple advertising options such as :

  • Top slots in the search results
  • Top slots in the SMSs sent to people looking for businesses in your field
  • Details of leads who use JustDial to find businesses in your field
  • On-site banner ads

AskLaila, Grotal, Sulekha Yellow Pages, GetIt, StartLocal, etc. are a few of the smaller players in this segment.

Search Engine Advertising 

Search engines offer multiple advertising options such as ads on their search results (above or next to the results), ads on the websites/apps in their partner network, etc. They come with tools to help you identify the keywords your prospects are searching for, and highly focused targeting options to help you maximize the impact of your ad.

Google is the most visited site in the country and across the world. It offers various advertising options for businesses

Display Network: These ads are displayed on relevant websites, apps, etc. in Google’s partner network. You can also choose specific websites you want to target (of course, they should be a part of Google Adsense to be able to display the ad).

Search Engine Network: These ads are displayed on top or to the side of Google’s search results for specific search queries (specified by the advertiser previously).

Search with Display Select: These ads are displayed both in the search results as well as in its display network. However, the display network chosen is more carefully targeted.

Video Ads: These are video ads that appear before or in the middle of a YouTube video and also display network videos, games and apps. If you run TV ads, you should definitely consider running these ads as they are run on a CPV model (that is, you don’t pay for the visitor views your ad). You would be charged only if the viewer views the ad for 30 seconds or the full duration of the ad, or if they engage with the ad (click on the CTA etc.).

Yahoo and Bing are other search engines that see significantly lesser traffic than Google and are therefore cheaper to put search/display ads on.

These services operate upon a pay per click/view model (that is, you are charged only when your ad is clicked or viewed). This cost per click/view depends on multiple factors such as industry, competition, etc.

As a matter of fact, you can utilize various channels of Digital Marketing and some of the channels are more effective than the other when it comes to generating leads.

Advantages of Real Estate Digital Marketing

  • Generate 100 % Genuine Real Estate Leads
  • Brand Promotion and Recognition
  • Project Awareness
  • 360 Digital Marketing Approach
  • Increase site traffic

Social Networks

1. Advertise on Social Networks

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter possess important and personalized data about their large user databases. This enables them to deliver highly-targeted and inexpensive advertising solutions to businesses.

Apart from the Big Two of the social networking world, real estate professionals dealing in high-end or luxury properties can also use LinkedIn to target people based on their job titles (for example, CXOs, directors, etc.)

2. Track Social Networks for Prospects

Home-buyers often post their requirements on Facebook groups and Twitter. Real estate professionals can smartly monitor such posts to generate relevant leads for free.

For example, a real estate broker in Bangalore can participate in the following Facebook groups :

Here, it is important to note that posting the same comment on every buyer post will invite suspicion. Instead, write natural responses tailored to the posters’ requirements. Aim to help, and avoid coming across as a spammer.

A platform largely neglected by those in the real estate business, Twitter can surprisingly throw up lots of ripe leads when you search for specific terms in its Advanced Search tab.

For example, if you’re a real estate broker in Bangalore, you can run searches such as: “looking” + “BHK” + Bangalore”, and get results such as:-

Twitter allows you to save searches, so once you set all of them up, you will only need to refresh them regularly to identify new leads.

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Outbound Lead Generation Strategy through Linkedin

  • Step 1: Map out a detailed customer persona
  • Step 2: Search for the lead’s profile on LinkedIn
  • Step 3: Send a connect request
  • Step 4: Send a soft pitch after connecting
  • Step 5: Follow-up with annoying your leads

You could also use Digital Advertising like Search Engine Ads, Social Media Ads, Private Network Ads and Influencer Marketing for the same.

Owned Media for Long-run Lead Generation

Building an engaging presence for your brand can pay off and generate quality leads in the long-run. This can be done through:

1. Website and Social Media

You can use forms on your website to convert visitors into leads. Make sure the forms are short and act as a gateway to something that is of high value to the visitor – such as a free property guide, a discount, a free consultation, etc.

Alternatively, you can use a live-chat pop-up wherein a person is required to enter their email before participating. Once you capture the lead details, you can reach out to them via email and take the conversation further.

Generating leads through your website organically (that is, without paying for PPC ads on search engines) is a long-term strategy because your site will get visits only if and once you have built a brand for yourself. Likewise, your social media channels will also start bringing you organic leads once your brand name is strong enough.

2. Blog

You can blog about property-related topics that people search about. You can find what terms prospective home-buyers are searching for the most, through Google’s free Keyword Planner.

Increase in blog traffic will not only drive more visits to your website and build your authority as an industry leader but also, you can use your blog to capture leads through pop-ups, subscribes, offer widgets on side or top bars, etc.

While this might sound like a relatively inexpensive strategy, it will get results only in the long-run as building a stable stream of the readership will take you time. So, it needs a significant amount of dedicated effort.

3. Email 

If you have databases, you can create compelling email campaigns and use them to filter the quality leads (based on click/open rates) from the junk ones.

A few offline channels you could try for the added benefit…

Offline events

There are a number of property and real estate fairs that are conducted in many major cities. These events can either be occasional or an annual occurence. By either attending or setting up booths at these fairs, you would be able to directly interact with your prospects.

Traditional advertising media

Even in this digital age, TV and Radio ads can’t be ignored. Run an advert for your services as it suits your budget. This is a great way to target that segment of prospects that haven’t made the digital transition yet.

6. Referrals

Did you know that the most trusted form of marketing is word of mouth? Get your existing clientele to recommend you to their friends and relatives. Give them reason and incentive to do so and watch the leads come pouring in!

Real estate is amongst the most profitable businesses particularly in places where it is scarce. Like all other businesses, there are companies and commissioned agents engaged in this trade. Real estate leads are generated through conventional offline processes and contemporary online methods. Creating leads for real estate online has its own challenges. It is very unlike sending mailers and then working on the leads as conducted in offline methods. When it comes to online, generating leads is quite an innovation and a challenge at the same time!!



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