Artificial intelligence and Robots Refining Technology

Robots and AI has been in the headlines recently. However, they have captured an inconsistent reputation. Sometimes, they become the floor cleaners or deliver pizzas and suddenly they are assumed as a threat to take over our jobs.

The credit goes to science fiction which has kept the robots in the lime light since decades. Sometimes they are saving the earth and sometimes they are destroying the world.

Robots Refining Technology

Let’s come back to the reality and accept that the existence of 8.6 million robots have left us wondering that what the future will look like if AI will go at this pace. In fact Robotics has been renowned as the ‘fastest growing industry in the world.’

But how much of this rhetoric is true? With more than 8.6 million robots in existence, and the field of robotics recently being pegged as the “fastest growing industry in the world”, we find ourselves increasingly wondering what this robot-overrun future will look like.

Artificial intelligence is developing at a pace beyond imagination and speeding up exponentially

From virtual assistance to actually having robots around. AI has been bringing up the change continuously. Be it Mitra the robot which is a robot crafted in India or Sophia, one of the most efficient Anglo-humanoid robot. , Artificial Intelligence has always amazed everyone out there with its progress and magnificence that it creates. Here are 5 Wonderful Humanoid Robots with Emotions & Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence is in existence since a long time and you never realized.

You use AI every day and all-time. Artificial Intelligence was coined long back in 1956. It is hard believe that we are used to AI and most of us are using it on daily countdown. Chabot, Siri, Google Virtual assistant and now the most enhanced one Samsung Bixby. We all use them easily and never realized that it will redefine the future. Even though, if you do not own that over expensive smartphones with built-in AI assistant, you can still have it on your device with some amazing apps for AI.

Effect of AI on Employment

Though, it is true that AI and robotics will definitely affect the jobs and employment sector despite of the fact that nothing can compete or beat the machine called human. It is predicted that within 50 years, robotics will take of 50% of employment but yes technology will also open up new doors for jobs.

The future predictions of AI

The future of AI seems to be dazzling. Some of the predictions will leave you scratching your head with a question that will it be possible or not in near future? Here’s how the world will be in 2050.

It is predicted that your self-driving car will automatically take you where you want to go. Another prediction is that AI will transform the education system. AI is predicted to be smarter than we the humans. There are hundred more predictions made in regards with AI and robots and new predictions are done every minute yet there is no guarantee for the future and till now there is no source to predict the future. We will have to wait to know what all predictions turn up to be true.

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