21 Dumbest Things You Can Do While Writing an E-Book

writing an e-book
  1. Using tough vocabulary

Have ever read a book which is hard to understand?  You must not have liked it for sure.

If you are a person with a highly skilled vocabulary and you are writing an e-book according to your knowledge, your book is surely going to be a flop. As we know, not everybody has a good command over English, therefore there must be a number of readers who would not understand the complex vocabulary and words used in the book. So, you must write an e-book by keeping in mind what others can understand.

  1. No research

While beginning to write a book on a specific topic, you must have a deep knowledge about it. There are a lot of things that need to be mentioned in an e-book and so you must study the topic deeply and do a lot of research in order to maintain a good standard of the book. Remember, you can make people understand about something only if you have a good command over that.

  1. Writing whenever you like

It is said that you must do a work when you feel like doing it. But this is not true in all cases. Writing an e-book is not everyone’s cup of tea and therefore you may not write whenever you want to. Moreover, you must have a scheduled timing for writing so that you can concentrate completely on what you are up to.

  1. Ignoring the need of an editor

A good book is one which is free from any kind of errors or misprints. When you write a book in a period of around 7-8 months, though you try to give your best as possible, but still there may be some little mistakes such as incorrect spellings, missing words and symbols like apostrophe.

This error correction can be only done by an editor who will check and correct all the small mistakes that you’ve unknowingly made while typing . Therefore, the book must get edited by an editor after completion.

  1. Choosing a boring title

We come across lot of blogs on social media everyday, but do we read all of them? Not really. We only go for those whose title we find attractive than others. This means that attractiveness resides in the title. You must choose a title which grabs the attention of the people by just looking at it. This will interest more people to go for that book.

  1. Knowing little about the topic

Imagine you start writing on a topic that you like and have a little knowledge about that. What will happen next? You will fall short of content and would not be able to complete the book. Therefore, you must choose your topic wisely on which a good content is available for writing and also a topic you have a deep knowledge on.

  1. Designing the front cover

Don’t act like you can do everything. And when it comes to designing, not every body can be good at it. A good design can be only created by a person who is exceptionally creative. Therefore, you must hire a designer who can design an eye-catching cover for your book making it look attractive.

  1. Letting yourself edit while writing

If you are writing a book regularly yet the progress towards completion is slow, then you might be editing the content yourself while writing. Not only it takes more time to complete the book, but also it affects the inner writer in you. And so, a book must be given for editing once it it is completed.

  1. Starting with introduction

You should never start writing a book from the beginning. This means that the introduction of the book should not be written in the beginning as you end up writing much more than it is actually needed, which in turn makes the introduction a little boring. So it is better to start with the actual content of the book rather than the introduction part.

  1. Writing on what people need

You will never read a book which you don’t find interesting. As a writer you must give your audience what they need and what they actually want. Most of the times writers end up finding a topic on which they can easily write, but the needs and demands of the audience must be kept in mind for better sale of the book.

  1. Unformatted content

Formatting refers to the arrangement of the content in a significant manner. You should already have in mind the format and perspective of the book and according to that the book must be defined. When your chapters are not inter-related to each other it creates a big chaos which in turn is hard to understand for the people.

  1. Quitting

You must have been writing for weeks and months and still could not find any progress in work, you feel like giving up. Quitting is not an option once you have started writing. You must push yourself to complete the task after taking a short break and restart with new and creative ideas.

  1. Copying from other writers

Copying can be the worst thing you can do to yourself. While you are working on a book, you should not read the books of other writers as you will start writing like them. The content of your book must be genuine and not at all copied for better results.

  1. Making grammatical errors

Making mistakes in grammar can actually change the whole meaning of a sentence. A single “was” instead of “is” can make a huge difference. Therefore, you must have a good command over grammar and keep it in mind while writing.

  1. Including no images

Images can surely add eye-captivating features to your book. Adding useful images related to the content of your book not only makes it look attractive but also enhances the reader’s ability to understand the content more easily.

  1. Don’t make your opening scene dark

Ever seen a book whose starting appears to be too dark and full of tensions? Doesn’t it feel like quit reading that book? How your book appears in the beginning scenario makes a big change. Therefore, the starting scene of the page should be full of enthusiasm, confidence, happiness and anxiety.

  1. Promoting in wrong ways

Once a book is complete, it must be promoted among people for making it recognizable. And the promotion must take place in a correct and formal manner. There are many other authors with good books in the market and you should not take it up as a challenge and do something to affect them. Instead, you should set your own goals and follow them.

  1. Do some real proof reading

Never skip on proof reading a book even if you are 100% sure of what you have written is absolutely correct. Even after editing and making changes, there are some minor errors which are still left over and should be corrected by proof reading. You should hire a good proof reader for better results.

  1. Acting smarter than you are

Always write from your heart. Don’t try to act smart and write something on your own which is out of this world and is not factual. If you are smart, people will pick up on it. You don’t have to prove this to anybody. Write a content which is based on true facts and theories that have been proved already.

  1. High price tags

Most of the people refuse to buy books which are expensive. Whatever content your book is based on, it must be in the normal and limited price range. Never make your book appear too expensive for buyers as this will act as a major drawback in the failure of the book.

  1. Exceeding the useless content

A book which is lengthy and seems hard to complete the reading of the book is a book of no use. Readers usually lose interest if the book is too lengthy and a lot of useless content is written over there. Therefore, the content of your book must be interesting and short but explains everything you want to convey to the reader.


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