10 Conspicuous Things You Need to Do After Publishing Your Blog Post

Benjamin Franklin rightly said,” Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”.  Only writing then publishing a blog is not sufficient.  It is not the time to take a sound sleep and feel relaxed. Be enthusiastic to make yourself in the eye of every reader and visitor. It is not the right way to consume all your precious time formulating new Blog Post and never concentrate once they are in the published section.

Keep in mind these things after publishing the Blog post

  1. Grab the traffic with a Teaser Email

The first goal of the venture is to get some at a glance attention to the blog post. The most enhanced way is by the post to the people of your own email list. 

  1. Never Ignore Any comment

All don’t like a comment; respect the thoughts of those who comment and answer them generously. Every niche has few of those; all or some bloggers do weekly or monthly content roundups.

  1. Participate in a Never-Ending Social Media Forum

Most of the bloggers share their posts on the social media forum. Be a member of the evergreen forum to get the social media newest content to recycle you always. 

  1. Plan for Triumph

After publishing, add sharing with the help of some tools that will automatically. Schedule the sharing activity is magnificent as it is very convenient to forget. 

  1. Highlight the Topic

The writer must go narrow and deep on the topic. It will come on an on-going passing of time. The deeper the information, the more the audience base it attracts. It can be done by converting the blog post into a presentation. It will highlight the topic and the content both.

  1. It’s the time to address the World

As you already build the email list that was on your friend’s list. The priority is that one needs to implement this is to promote the new posts. Being the familiar person, they are not the ideal people to judge you on the basis of the blog.

  1. Always maintains the Contact

After the enriching the writing, once you have added some values to the targeted website. By going on the website and comment on the most recent article, you can create an ongoing bond with the readers as well as the bloggers.

Just a minor contribution to the content, the writer can ask for a partnership to design a high-quality piece of stuff.

  1. Go browsing for Trendy Backlinks

If one wants to get as many eyeballs on the blogs as you can, you need to enhance in Google ranks. For this, one needs to get Backlinks from high-quality scores. You can create the lists of blogs on which you can get them.

  1. Repurpose the post

Never forget that the material was written can attach many new audiences. It is a very smart and effective way to grab the attention of the newest audience. The visitors will access the blogs who cater their edge. It impacts on the mind of everyone who will go through it.

Guest Posting is a rocking thought, but people limit using it. It will be used for general blog post promotion as well.

  1. Give Every Blog the Best Chance You Can

If you think the work is completed after publishing.  All the effort one spent writing on post goes to waste if not taken care after. So, instead of keeping the pile of blogs writing it’s an excellent to devote some time engaging people to read that you spent writing the blog that goes to waste.

Apply the above ways to enrich your blog; don’t ignore your work after clicking publishes on the blog.

You should not think that your job is over after you click on ‘Publish’. You should not neglect the posts after it has been published. Instead, grab the attention that they deserve. And even before you know it, you will see your traffic soaring.

Writing an engaging post requires a lot of time and creative thoughts. You may have finished writing and publishing the blog post. But, you should give the blog post the time, to build the place among the various other blog posts. You cannot just spend the time writing new posts and simply start neglecting them as soon as they are published. You should spend less time focusing on writing and spend more time on getting the people to read the posts that you have already published. You should be aware of the after-publish task in order to increase the readers

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